Billion RapidCharge 10000 mAh Power Bank Review: Maximum Features At Lowest Price

In the last few months, Flipkart has launched a range of fabulous products under its Billion brand. As the name hints, Flipkart’s brand aspired to deliver competitive products to billions of Indian consumers at accessible prices.

Being one of the biggest e-commerce markets in India, Flipkart gets a tonne of first-hand product reviews directly from consumers. The company leverages this vantage point and thorough understanding of consumer needs to design and develop products that consumers actually need. Moreover, all Billion products are made in India.

Quite recently, Flipkart introduced Billion RapidCharge Power Banks. The stylish portable charger comes in two different capacity variants – 10,000mAh and 15,000mAh – each offering A+ grade lithium-ion batteries and fast charging support at unprecedented prices. Let’s find out more about these power banks in our Billion power bank review.

Billion RapidCharge Power Bank Features

Both of the RapidCharge Power Banks feature a premium metallic design with chrome finish and look stunning. The 10,000mAh variant is available in Black and Copper color options and the 15,000mAh model comes in Rose Gold and Black colors. With weight starting at just 260 grams, these portable chargers are extremely comfortable to carry around (and that matters a lot for great end users experience).

While most Power Banks in this class include only 2 standard 5V/1A output ports, the Billion RapidCharge Power Banks include up to 3 5V/2.1 A output ports for faster and convenient charging of multiple gadgets simultaneously. So, you can charge your phone, smartwatch, Bluetooth speakers on the go without any issue.

To indicate progress, there is an array of LED indicators. RapidCharge power banks also include a torchlight, which is something Indian buyers value on their power banks.

More importantly, all this convenience doesn’t come at the expense of quality. The RapidCharge Power Banks make use of BIS approved A+ grade Li-ion batteries for fast performance and assured durability. The use of high-quality batteries helps sustain 85 percent conversion efficiency. The performance shall remain intact for over 500 charge-discharge cycles.

For further quality assurance, Flipkart offers a 1-year warranty on RapidCharge Power Banks to all consumers.

Actual Usage

All the features sounds good on paper but what about real life usage? So, the first test that we performed on the power bank was to test if it can actually charge 3 devices at a time. We plugged in iPhone X, Honor 9 Lite, and Samsung Galaxy A8+ at the same time and it was able to charge all 3 devices simultaneously.

Being a Tech blogger we always carry multiple devices with us and charging them all at the same time was a hassle but not anymore. The power bank also supports Pass-through charging, this means you can charge the devices while the power bank is being charged.

When it comes to charging time, the power bank takes around 6 hours to charge completely which is at par with most of the other power banks available in the market. Some power banks do support faster-charging standards but then they are available at a higher price tag.

Using the 5V 2.1 A output you can charge your smartphones quickly. It took less than 2 hours to charge Samsung Galaxy A8+ completely using the power bank and it had enough juice to charge it 1 more time.

We even tried comparing it with one of our all time favorite power bank from Cheero – Danboard. Even with plastic construction Cheero Danboard is heavier than the Billion RapidCharge and only offers 2 output ports – 5V 2.1A and 5V 1A.

Price & Verdict

The Billion RapidCharge 10,000mAh and 15,000mAh power banks are available for just Rs. 799 and Rs. 999. Which is to say, they offer more features and better quality compared to any other power bank in their class.

Compared to other popular portable chargers like Intex IT- PB 11K, Lenovo PA 10400, and Ambrane P-1122, Billion RapidCharge offers maximum fast charging ports, Best available battery quality, and the most convenient lightweight design – all at a lower price.

You won’t have to wait for monthly opportune moments or queue up in flash sales to buy them. Billion RapidCapture Power Banks are readily available exclusively on Flipkart.

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