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The Easyfone Grand is a feature phone designed and developed by keeping senior citizens in mind. People in their senior ages mostly prefer a phone that is easy to use and comes with as less bells and whistles as possible. The Easyphone Grand does have a few bells and whistles but it only has them to provide its users – the senior citizens, a much easier phone experience.

It comes with features like a dedicated SOS button, a charging cradle to get rid of charging cables and CareTouch which lets a family member change settings remotely. Let us see what this phone has to offer in detail in this review.

In the box

  • The main phone handset
  • A removable battery
  • Pair of earphones with a case
  • A charging cradle which will be used to charge the phone
  • A normal charger
  • A lanyard that you can attach to the phone

Design & Build

Since the phone is meant to be used by people in the upper ages, it comes with a very intuitive and no-nonsense design. It has all the features and design elements that a senior friendly phone should have. The Easyphone Grand comes with a big display, big buttons, easy charging options and more. Let’s talk about the design of the phone in detail.

The front of the phone has a 2.3-inch TFT screen with a resolution of 320×240 pixels. You will also find the buttons to dial, navigate, and to receive and disconnect calls. All of the buttons and keys on the front are backlit which will help the user to use the phone even in low-light or when it is dark. Turning the phone around will reveal the 2MP fixed focus camera, the SOS button and the speaker grill. The back also has a removable battery cover which can be removed in order to insert the battery, SIM cards and a microSD card.


The build of the phone is good enough and it comes with a lanyard that can be attached to the phone. This lanyard will let the user of the phone wear it around their necks as many seniors like to do that to have easy access to their phone.


As mentioned, the phone uses a 2.3-inch TFT LCD display and has a resolution of 320×240 pixels. The screen is quite large and displays everything with a bigger font. The phone also has an option to display eight photo contacts that can be set manually. The user can then easily dial these contacts without searching for their names or numbers.

Since the display is large enough to show large fonts, it is easier for the senior user to see the phone’s screen and use it as per their needs.

Dual SIM, Camera & other general features

The Easyphone Grand comes with general feature phone features like dual SIM support, FM radio, support for an 8GB microSD card. Apart from all this, the phone also features a 2-megapixel fixed focus camera which might be enough for a senior who doesn’t use a phone’s camera much.

The dual SIM on the phone uses standard sized SIM cards so if you have a micro SIM or a nano SIM, it is suggested that you buy a adapter to insert the SIM cards on this phone.

Easyphone Grand – Exclusive features

The best part about the Easyphone Grand are the unique features that it has to offer and the company boasts of these features thereby calling it the most senior friendly phone in India. Let’s take a look at these features one by one.

Hearing Assist

The phone doubles as a hearing assist device and the user can use the earphones supplied with the phone in order to hear their surroundings better. It amplifies the surrounding audio and then reroutes the audio through the earphones which helps the seniors with hearing disabilities listen to their surroundings in a better way.

This feature can work for a lot of things like when the user is watching TV or while conversing with someone. It even works with phone calls and amplifies the audio coming from the other side.

One-tap SOS

The phone has a dedicated SOS button on the back of the phone. When the button is pressed, the phone automatically sends SMS messages and calls to the selected five emergency contacts that you can set on the phone. It will also trigger a siren and of course, all of these features can be changed or tweaked from the phone’s settings.

Cradle Charging

To make the charging of the phone easier, Easyphone is also including a charging cradle in the box. This cradle can be used to easily charge the phone without the struggle of inserting the charging adapter into the phone’s port.

The company also provides a charging adapter with the phone and the user can choose to use either one of these things to charge their phone.


CareTouch is actually very interesting since it lets the phone’s settings to be configured remotely. Let’s say the user of the phone is away from you and wants some settings changed, you can remotely use CareTouch in order to change the settings.

You can also perform the following things by using CareTouch.

  • Setup reminders for medicines, doctor appointments, or social meetings etc.
  • Set alarms
  • Change or set SOS settings
  • Change the call settings to allow only whitelisted contacts to be able to call the phone
  • Block unwanted callers

This is truly one of the best features to have in a phone that is meant to be used by seniors.

Battery life & Verdict

The phone has a removable battery of 1050mAh which is plenty for this phone and gives it a talk time of 10 hours and a stand-by time of 150 hrs. The phone also had a torch and along with all the features mentioned above, it definitely becomes one of the best senior targeted phones out there.

But one thing that it falls short on is the price. The company has priced the phone at Rs. 3,990 which might seem a bit high to a lot of people and why not? This is basically a feature phone with just the CareTouch feature distinguishing it from the rest of the feature phones for senior citizens out there. Apart from all that, Easyphone Grand is a great choice for elders to have and it works great for sure!

Overall, if you want a perfect phone for your parents or any other Senior person then this is a good option.

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