Logitech X100 Wireless Speaker Review

These days people want to listen to their favorite songs on the go but they don’t want to carry large sound systems or speakers with them. Some people prefer to use smartphones but the audio clarity is not at par with the high quality music systems. One solution of this problem is to use compact bluetooth speakers like Logitech X100 wireless speakers. So is it worth buying? And does it provide good sound quality? Read on to find out.


Design & Size

The X100 comes in various color combinations – bright teal and turquoise, blue and orange, red and maroon, and yellow and deep blue. It has a round design with a handle and company has provided a lanyard so that you can hang the speaker anywhere in your room.


Company has provided a rubberized bottom in the speaker which provides additional grip when the speaker is kept on different kind of surface.


All the buttons and ports are present on the side of the speaker. You can find the bluetooth button centrally placed between the volume up and down buttons.


You also get a power button to turn on or off the speaker. It is a small button and is present on the left side of volume up button.


Company has also provided a 3.5mm jack in case you want to use the aux cable to connect the speaker with your device. Along with the 3.5mm audio jack you an notice a microUSB port for charging the device. Company has provided the microUSB cable in the box to charge the speaker.


Overall, X100 is a very compact and nicely designed speaker. It has good build quality and is quite durable.


You can connect the speaker to your device either via bluetooth or aux cable. Connecting the speaker using bluetooth is very simple, all you need to do is turn on the speaker, press the bluetooth button until the pairing light start flashing.  Then you can search for the speaker in your device bluetooth list and connect to it.

The speaker has a bluetooth range of around 30 feet. Bluetooth button can also be used to pause/resume playback and answer/end voice calls. We were able to connect the device to our smartphone and PC easily without any issues.


X100 comes with a rated battery life of around 5 hours but it lasted for around 6 hours in our testing during which we kept the volume at moderate level. Charging the device is very simple all you need to do is plug-in the microUSB cable and it takes around 1.5 hours to charge the speaker completely.

Sound Quality

Given the size of the speaker we weren’t expecting amazing sound quality but it performed better than our expectations. We tested different kind of music on the device and we are quite happy with the sound quality we are getting at this price point. When using the speaker at its full volume you might notice some distortion in the sound but that’s not a major issue.


Logitech X100 wireless speaker is now available in India for Rs 1900 which makes it one of the best entry level compact bluetooth speakers. It is a well designed speaker with good battery life and sound quality. So if your budget is around Rs 2000 and you are looking for a bluetooth speaker which you can use on the go then we highly recommend you to opt for X100.

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