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Microsoft now launches screen sharing with HD-10 on Lumia smartphones

Microsoft after launching the Nokia Lumia 730, 830 and 930 in India also brought a very handy yet useful accessory for Lumia smartphones – Microsoft screen sharing HD-10 is what they call this accessory which makes Lumia smartphones finally project their display to a big screen. After Android which have options, Winodws Phone running Lumia didn’t have anything until today to project the smartphone display on a big screen.


HD-10 enables full HD sharing capabilities with any big screen display supporting HDMI output. Basically HD-10 consists of a NFC plate and a adapter which has an HDMI port. This HDMI is connected to the screen and simple tapping on the portable NFC plate will invoke the smartphone to project its display on the connected screen. NFC plays an important role in calling the connectivity in just a single tap. This might look okay-ish thinking that when we can use it on our phone but actually you are not seeing the possibilities.

We can now watch full HD movies to the screen stored directly on the smartphone. Additionally we can also play games, browse the internet and showcase photos instantly. There’s more, you can take this to work and all your professional tasks like presentations, document etc can get a better view.

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