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OnePlus Concept One smartphone with invisible cameras shown off at CES 2020

After its teaser for an invisible camera smartphone, a couple of days ago, OnePlus has made the phone official at CES 2020, the event that until now the Chinese manufacturer used to give a miss. The smartphone dubbed as the OnePlus Concept One, and as the name suggests, it is a concept phone, of course.

The idea behind the phone is not only to let go of the camera hump but also make the rear cameras completely invisible when they are not in use.

The new smartphone is made in collaboration with supercar maker McLaren which uses the electrochromic glass in some of the McLaren premium cars. Hence, the same glass technology is also used in the OnePlus Concept One smartphone.

The electrochromic glass here with the help of some current changes its tint from opaque to transparent or vice versa. When the cameras are not called for, they remain invisible behind the opaqueness of the electrochromic glass, but when there is a need, they become visible as the glass changes its tint to transparent.

OnePlus says the color transition takes place in just 0.7 seconds, which is even faster than what the cameras themselves take to activate.

The OnePlus Concept One comes with a leather back with prominent stitched marks around the centrally aligned vertical camera module. There appear three camera lenses alongside an LED flashlight. The leather is of Papaya Orange- McLaren signature color shade.

The glass also doubles as a built-in polarizing filter for the camera, allowing for crispier and better-detailed shots in strong lighting conditions.

The front of the phone uses the curved Super AMOLED display similar to the OnePlus 7T and 7T Pro and is separated by silver metal frame from the rear.

Except for showing off the OnePlus Concept One, OnePlus didn’t divulge anything about the specifications of the phone. Nevertheless, the company allays the apprehension that the electrochromic glass, though it uses electricity, will consume minimal power keeping the battery depletion in check.

It is expected that unlike the previous McLaren association with OnePlus resulting in the OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition and the OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren Edition phone, the OnePlus Concept One won’t see the daylight ever.

Nevertheless, the technology will most likely make it to the future OnePlus smartphones for creating a differentiation in the market.

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