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Security Cameras are getting more and more popular these days. Well, nobody wants to be a victim of any crime, that’ why taking security measures beforehand is a great thing to do. Unfortunately, we don’t get to see a lot of innovative products when it comes to Security Surveillance Cameras. Well, the Qubo has finally bought some innovation to the table. Wait, are you hearing this brand for the first time? In case if you don’t already know, Qubo is actually a brand by Hero Electronix, a Hero Group venture.

Today, in this post, we would be reviewing the Qubo Smart Indoor Camera and will see whether or not is this a Hero Product from the company. Now, if that sounds interesting, let us hop right into the review.

Qubo Smart Indoor Camera Review

We will be covering various aspects of the product in this review. To start off, let us take a look at the Design and Display of the Qubo Smart Indoor Camera. Should we?

Design & Build Quality

The Qubo Smart Indoor Camera comes with a 2.8-inch IPS touchscreen display and weighs in at 600grams. Now, looking at the device for the first time, then you might have the first thought like that it is not the best looking Security Camera out there.

But considering the fact that this is one of the first products of Qubo, we are hoping that they will improve and work on this aspect with the time. It is still a better looking indoor camera than most of the other options available in the Indian market. The device has a touch screen and looks somewhat like the Google Home in ergonomics.

The display is something which is not common with the Security Cameras, but since it is a Smart Home Product. It does have one which by the way seems quite great. We get Alexa built into the Security camera. Since Alexa is present, we also have a high-fidelity 5W dual-speakers and two far-field mic array with noise cancellation.


The Setup process is quite easy. All you need to do is simply turn the device on, install the Qubo Smart app on your Smartphone and pair your device with the Qubo Smart Indoor Camera. Also, once the device is connected to the smartphone, you can even add face recognition which will make sure that no one else apart from you can make changes to the footage which is being captured by the device. Needless to say, you also need to log in to your Amazon account in order to make Amazon Alexa work properly. All in all, we can say that the setup process for this smart home device is a pretty straightforward and easy process.

What’s Smart?

Now, why are we stressing too much into saying that this is an innovative Smart Home product? Well, there is a lot of reasons for why. First of, the sensors that this device can support in the near future. There is an option to buy dedicated Smoke or Door/Window sensors. These sensors are available for an additional cost.

As the name suggests, a Smoke sensor is the one which detects smoke. As soon as smoke is detected, the sensor will turn on and will alert the user with an app notification. Not just smoke, there will be a Gas Sensor too which will work with common household gases like PNG or LPG.

Door or Window sensor also does a great job of recording the footage as soon as there is a noticeable movement with the Window or the door. Talking about the Qubo Smart Indoor Camera, it has a unique Baby Cry sensor which sends a notification to the user as soon as it hears a noise of a crying baby. This is a quite unique concept and actually works well.

And finally, we have a human detection feature which starts recording the footage as soon as a human comes in the frame.


The Qubo Smart Indoor Camera comes with a lot of features, these include:

  • Comes with a Remote Monitoring which helps to check the live feed of your home or office or any other place. There are different modes available like Home, Away and Night which works quite good.
  • The camera has a Wide-angle Field of View 140° camera to capture more into the frame.
  • There is a 2-Way Talk Mode which helps you engage with the people at your place easily.
  • The camera even features a siren which does a great job of scaring away intruders in case the camera detects a break-in
  • Has a unique Baby Cry sensor which sends a notification to the user as soon as it hears a noise of a crying baby.
  • Detects activities at night in a great way with the help of the night vision sensor.
  • It has a light that glows in a different colour for a number of options.
  • Speaker output is quite loud and clear.
  • Connection and setup process is easy for both Android and iOS devices. The app interface is also pretty user-friendly.
  • The inbuilt Microphone records clear audio output.
  • Micro SD card support for extra storage.


The Qubo Smart Indoor Camera is priced at INR 13,490, whereas, the Smart Sensors (Gas, Smoke, Door/Home), are priced at INR 3,000. All the devices are available across major e-commerce platforms in the country. If you ask, us, then we will definitely say that the Qubo Smart Indoor Camera is actually a Hero Product from the company.

Some users might argue that the price tag of 13,490 INR is high for a security camera and we agree but this is not just a security camera. It offers much more features than a traditional security camera.


  • Good Quality Wide Angle Camera
  • Human Detection
  • Seamless integration with Sensors
  • Face Recognition
  • Baby Cry Mode
  • LCD display
  • Good Speakers
  • Alexa Integration
  • Easy setup


  • Build Quality could have been better
  • Screen gets scratched easily

So, guys, this was our review for the Qubo Smart Indoor Camera. Let us know what do you guys think about it in the comments section down below.

Review overview

Design & Build Quality7.2
Smartness Scale8.8


If you ask, us, then we will definitely say that the Qubo Smart Indoor Camera is actually a Hero Product from the company.

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