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Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus vs Apple iPhone X: Which is the best phone money can buy?

Apple launched its futuristic iPhone X late last year which was also the most expensive iPhone model till date. With the 10th anniversary edition, Apple embraced several bold measures and it is still one of the most lucrative phones money can buy. Samsung got to catch up with its recently launched Galaxy S9+, the bigger (and arguably better) of the two S-series flagships launched at MWC 2018.

So, has Samsung Galaxy S9 plus surpassed the iPhone X? We have already spent considerable time with two flagship phones trying to find the answer to this question. Let’s stack the two against one another to simplify your choices.

Key Specifications of Samsung Galaxy S9+ VS iPhone X:

Model Samsung Galaxy S9+ Apple iPhone X
Display 6.2-inch 18.5:9 QHD curved edge Super AMOLED 5.8-inch 1125 x 2436 19.5:9 Super AMOLED
Processor Samsung Exynos 9 Series 9810 processor Apple A11 Bionic Chipset
Camera 12 MP + 12MP rear and 7MP front 12 MP + 12MP rear and 7MP front
Battery 3500mAh, fast charging 2716mAh, fast charging
Internal Memory 64GB / 256GB 64GB/256GB
Software Android 8.0 Oreo OS iOS 11
Dual SIM Yes (Hybrid) No
Price 64,900 INR / 72,900 INR 82,999 INR/ 109,999 INR

Design and build

The iPhone X brandished a truly revolutionary design, and it felt more so because Apple had been evolving more or less the same sketch for the last few years. The change was long overdue and Apple deciding to go with the ‘Notch’ was a bold move. The fact that all big and small Android OEMs are now unabashedly rushing to implement notch on their respective phones spells a big win for Apple’s design

Samsung’s infinity display design had the same impact on the world last year. The 18:9 display panels are now mainstream and it all started with the Samsung Galaxy S8 last year. This year, Samsung is still continuing with the same design and the Galaxy S9 Plus still feels gorgeous. The curved display edges on the phone are still unique to Samsung and a testament to its engineering prowess.

Both phones look awesome, are water resistant, and are quite ergonomic. Unlike the iPhone X, Galaxy S9+ still retains the fingerprint sensor on the rear.

The iPhone X is significantly more compact than the Galaxy S9+ that houses a bigger display. So, if you prefer small phones, iPhone X should be the way to go and if you’d rather have a regular sized one that comes with some extra display real estate, the Samsung Galaxy S9 is the way to go.


Display panels on both phones are AMOLED-type and are made by Samsung. The panel used on the Samsung Galaxy S9+ theoretically has numbers in its favor. It is brighter and compliant with higher HDR 10 standard and has curved edges.

The one used on the iPhone X isn’t far behind though. Apple’s iOS isn’t color agnostic as Android. Apple has made OS level changes to support Adobe RGB color gamut and that’s perhaps why the colors pop rather nicely without feeling oversaturated. Both panels are absolutely gorgeous and you can’t go wrong with either of the two.

Performance and Software

The Samsung Galaxy S9+ is powered by Exynos 9810 octa-core processor paired with 6GB RAM and up to 256GB of storage. This is Samsung’s custom chipset which is at par with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845.

Apple iPhone X, on the other hand, is powered by A11 bionic chipset paired with 3GB RAM and up to 256GB storage. Both phones are extremely snappy but iPhone X does have an advantage here. The A11 bionic chip blows all android competition out of the water. Besides the iPhone X runs proprietary Apple software which is extremely well optimized.

Though both phones are extremely snappy, the iPhone X is faster and more reassuring in terms of performance.

The S9+ runs on Android 8.0 Oreo out of the box and the iPhone X runs iOS 11. Two skins are closer than ever before in terms of feature set, but are still very different from one another. This should also be one of the major choosing points while deciding between these two phones. You need to decide which ecosystem you will be more comfortable with – iOS or Android.

For unlocking, iPhone X relies on its complex, secure and reasonably fast Face ID. The fingerprint sensor on the S9 Plus is certainly a faster and more reliable unlocking option. Samsung also has iris scanner and Face Unlock. The iris scanner is faster and secure but works better for people who don’t wear specs. The Face Unlock on Samsung Galaxy S9 can’t match up with Apple’s Face ID.


The camera is where it gets interesting. This generation, Samsung is really depending on its camera improvements to stand out. The Galaxy S9 Plus comes with two rear cameras – one primary 12MP sensor with variable aperture lens (f/2.4, f/1.5) paired with a secondary 12MP sensor with f/2.4 aperture telephoto (2x optical zoom) lens. Both sensors have OIS support and the camera also has a DRAM chip for faster processing.

The iPhone X, on the other hand, has a 12MP primary rear sensor with f/1.8 aperture lens and a 12MP secondary sensor with f/2.4 aperture telephoto lens.

Now, both cameras can shoot impressive images in daylight and lowlight, and the images look incredible on their respective screens.

The Samsung Galaxy S9+ can capture better details and leads when it comes to lowlight photography. The iPhone X, on the other hand, can capture better dynamic range and captures vibrant (a tad artificially boosted) images with warm tones.

Out of the two, the Samsung Galaxy S9+ feels like a better allrounder when it comes to still photography. The iPhone X has better portrait mode out of the two, though. As for selfies, the Samsung Galaxy S9+ has an edge.

Samsung has added a few bonus features like Slow motion recording and AR emojis as well. Slow motion videos can be fun for people who shoot a lot of videos on their phones. The AR emojis pale in comparison to Apple’s Animojis.

Battery and Audio

The iPhone X has 2170mAh battery which falls short of the 3500mAh unit on the Samsung Galaxy S9+. We got a better mileage on our Galaxy S9 Plus, but the difference much. Both phones support fast charging and wireless charging.

As for Audio, both phones have stereo speakers. The one on Galaxy S9 Plus is louder and rich. The audio output via headphones is awesome on both phones, but the Galaxy S9 Plus retains the Audio Jack and, thus, certainly has the upper hand here.


This is a really close one. Needless to say, both of these are phones are extremely premium high-end offerings from competent technology companies. The Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus seems to be ahead on more fronts and is cheaper. But the overall iPhone X experience isn’t far behind.

The choice between the two primarily boils down to what software you’d rather choose. If you don’t mind either, the camera should be the next factor that would weigh heavily on your decision. And the Galaxy S9 Plus seems to have a slightly better one.

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