Sennheiser AMBEO Smart Headset With 3D Binaural Audio Recording Launched At Rs. 19,999

Renowned Audio Equipment manufacturer, Sennheiser, today launched AMBEO smart headset that has been designed for Virtual Reality (Smart) audio for vloggers and other content creators. In simpler terms, these headphones can be used to capture 3D binaural audio for 360-degree videos.

These headphones have omnidirectional microphones that capture the sound the same way that human ears do. The Sennheiser AMBEO Smart use Apogee’s proprietary PureDigital technology and is compatible with all Apple devices.

To record 3D audio, you need to plug these in an iPhone or other iOS devices and record as usual. You need not bother with any proprietary app or any other sort of complication. You can also adjust the microphone sensitivity between normal and loud using a Smart Slider on the headphones.

You can’t use Sennheiser AMBEO with Android phones, but a separate compatible version is underworks

In India, the Sennheiser Ambeo smart headphones will cost Rs. 19,999. They will be available online as well as offline from major retail stores.

“With Sennheiser focusing on providing the best and futuristic audio solutions to its consumer, AMBEO is Sennheiser’s program and trademark for 3D audio. For us, AMBEO is the umbrella for different types of immersive audio configurations. And that is from the recording side, to the processing side, to the playback side. We believe that SMART puts your eyes in another world; Sennheiser AMBEO brings your ears along.We are very thrilled to have launched the AMBEO Smart Headset in India. The new headset will be able to create an illusion of sound that will leave the consumer in awe. With our AMBEO SMART HEADSET, we have surely set our sight to revolutionize the Virtual-Reality audio space in India,” said Kapil Gulati- Director Consumer Segment, Sennheiser India

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