Teamchat – A messaging app for enterprises launched in India

TeamChat a enterprise sized solution for instant messaging was launched for the mobile ecosystem in India on September 23, 2014. We all have been moving towards mobile first experiences with demands rising from the mobile platform.


TeamChat is one such initiative to take this experience to business at a much larger scale. TeamChat comes with the same real time connectivity of the clients with the servers eliminating the group size restriction and humungous number of messages. TeamChat is developed intelligently provided with its own thinking process, which uses pre-made templates of poll, survey, number tracker, comment, multi-field forms, comment, location, nominate etc.

TeamChat reduces message clutter by organizing messages and aggregating them for easy history maintenance. “Teamchat makes enterprises truly agile by enabling instant, actionable communication across large organizations, without being overwhelmed by message clutter.” said Beerud Sheth, founder & CEO of Teamchat. He also added, “Teamchat is profoundly transforming enterprise communications in the same way that popular messaging apps have transformed consumer communications”.

Teamchat is now available on all major app stores and works on all mobile platforms (Android, iOS, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, Firefox etc) and web devices. It comes with an admin panel that enables organizations to manage users, groups, downloads, integrations and customizations. Teamchat also offers server- and client-side APIs (application programming interfaces) to enable integration with popular third party tools and apps.

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